Fit3D is a web platform that leverages 3D imaging to track health metrics over time. Users get weekly body scans at Key Fit Club and can track their 3D avatar, extracted body measurements, and health metrics over time at Fit3D provides users with an objective way to track changes in their body as they put in the effort to eat healthy and workout.

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Fit3d ProScanner FAQ

What is the capture technology and is it safe?

Fit3D uses an infrared depth-sensing camera. This is the exact same technology that is in more then 20 million households and drive the Microsoft  Xbox Kinect System. It is completely safe and has no know harmful effects.

What happens to my scan after it is captured?

Your scan if uploaded to the Fit3D servers, where it is run through an automated measurement extraction algorithm and more than 450 measurements are automatically pulled from your avatar. These measurements and your scan are then pushed into your secure accounts and you will receive an email when it is ready for you to view your statistics online.

How long will my scan take to process?

In most cases each scan will take about 10 minutes to process, but sometime may take a little bit longer if there are many scans from many facilities all being process at the same time. If you don't receive your scan within 24 hours, please contact Fit3D and we will be able to tell you what is happening.

What should I do when I can access my scan and data online?

You can share your information with your trainer and can go though it together. You can focus on areas of your body that you'd like to see improve and work with your trainer to create a plan to improve those areas.

How offten should I take my scan?

This really depends on the fitness plan in which you are taking part. Please work with your trainer to come up with the best scanning schedule for you.

 Some Examples:

  1. If you are entering into a rapid weight loss program, you will want to scan every 2-4 weeks to continue to keep tabs on your progress. 
  2. If you are entering into a fitness plan where you are working to add mass, you will want to scan every 4-6 weeks as you body will change less rapidly.
  3. If you are looking to maintain your body shape as it currently stands, you'll want to scan each month to make sure that you are sustaining your measurements.

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